Services offered


Artio can safe keep your keys and make them available to visitors or work men needing to enter your property in your absence

  • Premises are checked on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. They deliver regular reports regarding the state of your property; detailing any work that they feel is necessary to maintain your property in prime condition. After excessively bad weather they make an inspection to insure that no damage has occurred
  • The house is aired
  • Leaves and debris that might block drains and cause water damage are removed
  • Your post box is checked and your mail, if necessary, is forwarded to you.
  • If your burglar alarm goes off Artio can be contacted. They will immediately send someone to assess damage and report back to you
  • On each visit your log book will be updated.

If  maintenance work is required, Artio will send you a detailed report as well as photographs to illustrate the problem. They are able to give you quotes and provide well qualified tradesmen to get the job done. They oversee all maintenance work and make sure that it is of the high standard set by the company. They make sure that the building site is left clean once work is completed.


Sufficient funds will need to be placed in a relevant bank account. Proof of payment will be scanned and sent to you via e-mail


Artio’s contracting department works with some of the best tradesmen on the island. They orchestrate and oversee building and renovation work and take full responsibility for the outcome. If you decide to employ them to oversee building work, a contract will be drawn up, detailing work to be done and they will keep to the time specified in the contract. They’ll keep you updated with reports and photographs.


If a completed building project hasn’t included a cleanup you may need removal of substances such as paint splashes, plaster and removal of grouting and tile adhesives from surfaces of tiles. Packaging material and other garbage will be removed as well.


Due to Aegina’s very dry climate and, in some areas, poor water quality, their experienced gardener can advise you on how best to design and maintain your garden.
Landscaping, garden design and upkeep are offered by their garden maintenance team.
According to your needs they can arrange for weeding, pruning, tidying, watering and planting to be taken care of as often as you require.

Artio’s pool manager will keep your pool in pristine condition


Their cleaning team will ensure that when you arrive you won’t need to spend any of your precious holiday time cleaning.


They can help you through the quagmire of paperwork that owning a home in Greece entails.


If you need someone to fill your fridge before you arrive, meet guests at the airport. Cater for a special event, hire transport for you or any other service that will make your holiday more special and stress free, contact Artio and rest assured that they will do everything possible to take care of your needs.

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